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KK riding Talker<
  • KK riding Talker
  • KK riding Talker
  • KK riding Talker
  • KK riding Talker
  • KK riding Talker
KK riding Talker

Product Description:

Bicycle Bluetooth Mini Speaker:

Bluetooth Version:4.0 version

Branding of Chipset:CSR 8615

Output Power & impedence (W &Ω):1W ,4Ω

Frequency Response (Hz / KHz):80Hz -15 KHz

distortion degree:>1%


Handfree Features:YES

Water proof class:IPX5

Battery type, capacity, voltage:rechargeable polymer-battery,300mAh,3.7V

Working time:play 4 hours at full volume

Charging Port Type:micro usb


Available color for selection:any color

Product dimension (mm / cm):92.6*47*26mm

Weight (g / kg) :61g

Accessories:Usb charging cable 60cm*1,

Any other Function & Features:

1. sound report No. for coming call

2. one key to pick up the phone, do not need to release the handlebar, improve riding safety factor

3. double click on the voice call, dial phone while riding, no need to take the phone

4. built-in rechargeable polymer lithium battery, it can be recharged circularly

5. IPX5 class waterproof, can use all sorts of weather riding

6. one button to riding bell

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